How long I've had braces!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

4th Month Update with Braces

Sunday, July 20, 2014

As of July 18th it has now been 4 months since I got braces. This month they are working on making space for my snaggle tooth that sticks out so it can come down into place.  I have seen some difference in that area.  I just hope at my next appointment it will be enough for them to finally put a wire on that tooth and work on it to go into place.  My teeth aren't too sore now.  Some days my molars are a little tender and other days my front teeth are from the movements.  But not bad at all.  I have been able to eat pretty much what I want without it hurting.  Of course I still stay away from the hard crunchy and gummy foods I'm not supposed to eat.  I also still cut up everything with a knife and fork.  Sometimes my teeth feel a little loose and it freaks me out to try to take a bite with my front teeth, so I stick to cutting up my food into smaller pieces.  My next appointment is set on Aug. 12th.  I am hoping I get the answer I want when I ask if she will put my bottom brackets on the next appointment in Sept since it will then be 6 months that I've had braces.  Hopefully she will say yes! So ready to get started on those bottom teeth!!  Below is an updated photo showing the changes from day one to 4 months.  I can see a difference between the 2 teeth surrounding my "snaggle" tooth from last months photo.  There is even a small gap there.  Crossing fingers its making enough room for my next appointment! ;)
Front View - 4 Months
Right Side View - 4 Months

Left Side View - 4 Months

Progress photos Day 1 to 4 Months