How long I've had braces!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

6th Braces Adjustment

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 -  Today I had my 6th adjustment appointment. The assistant took off my elastic bands and powerchain.  She readjusted my top wire and clipped the excess wire sticking out.  Then she put a new powerchain on.  I chose a bright pink this time.  I felt a lot of pressure and it was a bit uncomfortable, but tolerable. 

Apparently I had a bracket that was loose on one of my bottom teeth that I didn't even notice.  She removed it and put a new bracket on.  She then gathered the materials she would need to put the coil on my bottom teeth to separate them and make room for my tooth that sits far back now.  She asked if I was ready for the pain.  I told her yes and to keep doing what she has to do and ignore my cringes.  My Ortho came in to set the bracket and the assistant finished it off.  She then put the wire and coil on which was quite uncomfortable and a lot of pressure.  She also put on new elastics.  Once she was done she asked if there were any wires poking, which at that time it didn't feel like it.  Of course it always happens to me, once I got home I realized the wire on my bottom right side is poking.  I'm going to try to deal with it as long as I can without having to go in and get it trimmed right away.

My mouth is sore already, mainly my bottom teeth.  But that's OK, no pain no gain in the world of braces, ;) but really its not that painful just a bit sore.  Below is a photo showing what was done at my adjustment.  My next appointment is January 20th.  She said it will be close enough to my halfway point so they are going to do my x-rays then.  Crazy to think I am already heading towards my halfway point!!  Definitely am very thrilled and amazed with all the progress my teeth have made so far!