How long I've had braces!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3rd Braces Adjustment

Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - Today was my 3rd adjustment appointment.   The assistant took off my powerchains and looked at the progress of my movement.  She was hoping to see a bigger gap and was surprised there wasn' too.  She thought for sure the space would have opened up more.  But that's one of the bummers of being an adult in braces versus a child, your teeth don't move as fast.  Of course mine wants to move like a turtle crossing the street on a busy day. Go figure :/.   My ortho came in to take a look.  She was still pleased at the movement even though I'm impatient and wished it was enough to finally start on this snaggle tooth.  But, since it wasn't enough movement she decided to have a crimp put on the coil to reactivate it and leave the same wire on.  She also said to not leave a loop on the powerchain between my left side extraction area.  The assistant suggested to leave one loop on the right side since it was a bigger gap and last time I had 2 loops between the teeth.  My ortho agreed and the assistant put on the crimp and the new powerchians.  Which I chose purple this time.  It was a little uncomfortable but not bad at all.  My teeth aren't too sore right now.  Funny how I really want them to be sore tomorrow so I know they are moving again....hopefully much more this time.  ;)

I also asked about getting my bottom braces started at my next cleaning appointment which is scheduled September 9th since it will be my 6th month mark of having braces.  She said that we could, which I'm very excited about!  Now hopefully the next 4 weeks go by fast!  One thing I am nervous about, is that my back molar is very sensitive where I have a filling on the front side of my tooth..... Right where the bracket will go.   I'm hoping it wont be unbearable when they put braces on that tooth.  I know it hurts when I get my cleaning....ugghhh fingers crossed it wont be that bad. 

Below is a photo showing the progress made so far at each adjustment.  You can see the gap did get a little bigger behind my snaggle tooth, because you can see more space beside my front tooth.  But it's not quite enough yet.....  My next update will be on the 18th, my 5 month progress.  Can't believe next month it will already be 6 months since I got braces!!!  Crazy!