How long I've had braces!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Year & a Half in Braces!!! Adjustment update!

So sorry I haven't updated since June.  Thank you to everyone who has read my blog and who has kept interest on my progress.  September 18th marked my year & a half in braces.  Cant believe how fast the time has flown by.  Since my last update I didnt feel much was going on since I was wearing bands to try to fix my over bite. 1st I should actually update you on what has happened since I last updated...

At my prior adjustments my Ortho decided to put a button on the back of my small molar to turn it in the right direction.  Doing this they had to wedge the powerchain in between my two teeth and it dug into my gum.  She also had me start wearing a heavier elastic bands, which I will provide a photo below.  At first she had me wear them 24 hours a day, but then my last appointment before today's, she had me only wear them at night.

So now for today's adjustment update.  My Ortho put a thicker wire on my bottom teeth to straighten them out more.  She said that my tooth has now turned into position and I could now go without that powerchain going in between my teeth.  She said my overbite is looking good, but she wants me to go back to wearing the elastic bands 24 hours a day.  She kept me with the same elastics, but I found out they had neon colors so I chose to get those this time.  The bag has a variety of neon colors in it to choose from, which I like. ;)  The assistant put the wires on and elastics and powerchain on the top.  I chose light pink because that's the one color I like on me.  Unfortunately last time they didn't have it, so I chose gray, which wasn't one of my favorites.  My Ortho said that my next appointment they will check my progress and see if I am ready to start the process of getting my braces removed. would think I would be excited about that, but I'm actually kinda attached to these braces that have build up my confidence up in the last year and a half.  I'm actually not ready to get them removed, its kinda bittersweet ...I know I sound insane lol

I did find out that my job is changing insurance companies in January.  This insurance will not cover your braces if you already started them.  I was really worried.  After my appointment I asked the billing clerk and luckily with my insurance now they did a discount program which was already included into the cost of my braces, so come January there wont be any changes and my new insurance wont affect it.  Thankfully!!

Below I tried to put photos showing the progress every 6 mths since my last update I put every month.  Looking at these photos again really makes me realize how much my teeth have really changed so much!!  This by far has been one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself.  It is amazing how much I smile now and how much confidence I have gained just by getting braces.  I'm so glad my age didn't stop me...although I wish I would have had it done years ago.  We cant go back in time, so it was better late than never that is for sure!!  Thank you all again for taking the time to read my blog!!  I really hope I have helped others in this journey! 

Heavier Elastic Bands


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

11th Braces Adjustment * 14 1/2 Months in Braces

It's been a few months since I last updated.  Nothing exciting had happened.  I continued to get my coil readjusted to open up the space for the bottom tooth and continued to work on closing my top gaps during the last few months.

I just had my 11th adjustment yesterday 6-2-15.  Finally my bottom teeth have separated enough to remove the coil and put a wire on that bracket to move my bottom tooth forward.  My gaps are also almost completely closed.  At my adjustment the assistant removed my power chain and wires.  At that time she made the comment that she thought I should be able to get the wire on my tooth because it has opened up enough.  My Ortho told her to go ahead and do it.  So the assistant removed the coil and put the new wire on my bottom teeth.  My Ortho then came in to see the progress that has been made.  She said I was ready to start wearing elastics.  I had over heard her telling the person next to me that when you wear elastics you have to wear them at all times and only can take them off while you eat and brush your teeth.    Other than that you have to wear them while you sleep and all day long.  So when my Ortho started to tell me, I recited what she had told the other person lol.  Of course I will make sure to do so, I don't want to do anything that will delay my progress.  The assistant had to add a hook to my bottom tooth and added twisted wires to my canines to make sure they don't turn while wearing the elastics.  The elastics are to correct my overbite.  She then added my top wire and powerchain.  I chose light pink again.  So far its been my favorite color choice, so for right now I'm sticking with it. She went over how to put the elastics on.  She said to make sure to keep my mouth shut while putting them on because of how tight the elastics are, if I try to put them on with my mouth opened they may snap and break.  Its not too hard to put them on, but when I do change them, I can immediately feel the pressure from them. 

Once I got to the car I couldn't believe how my tooth had already moved some.  This morning I ran my tongue across the back of my teeth and they felt a lot straighter.  I asked my husband if he could tell and he was amazed at how much my teeth had already moved in less than a day.  As you can see in the photo below, I just took about an hour ago, my tooth has already moved next to the rest of them.  Crazy how fast braces work!!  My teeth were really sore last night and today.  I stuck with mashed potatoes and ice cream.  I haven't taken any medicine for the pain, its sore but tolerable.  My next appointment is set for July 14th.  I will update again if there are drastic changes or anything new happening.

Elastic size I have to wear

Thursday, March 26, 2015

1 Year in Braces!!! Woot Woot!!! & 9th adjustment

So sorry I have been horrible the last few months posting..... 

I cant believe I am already at the 1 year mark!!!  March 18th was my full year in braces.  Boy have they really come far.  Just to think where I was a year ago with my teeth and how they look now is unbelievable.  Crazy how braces work!  Even though I wish I would have gotten them years ago, I couldn't have made a better decision to finally get them now!  In the last year I have smiled more than I ever have in my 42 years.  My confidence level is higher and I feel happier being able to smile, laugh or even cry without hiding my mouth.  I think I finally broke the habit of immediately putting my hand to my face when I smile or laugh.  I don't care if braces look silly to some people, after years of having crooked teeth, I show these babies off! :)

I had my 9th adjustment appointment on March 10th.  Before my Ortho appointment, I had my yearly dental exam and cleaning all in the same day.
1st the dental assistant took my new x-rays.  Then the dentist came in to look over my teeth.  He asked if I recently chipped my front tooth.  He hadn't seen me since right before I got braces, so he didnt see that my front tooth that was turned sideways actually wore down over the years.  He said we can take care of that once the braces are off.  He also said no fillings this time and he will see me when my braces come off!  Yahh!!  Below is a photo showing how my front tooth looks now due to the wear and tear of all those years it was turned sideways.  It does look like I chipped it!

Next the Hygienist asst came in and started to polish my teeth.  She made a comment about how great I am doing keeping my teeth clean and obviously flossing.  Then the hygienist came in and started doing the scaling and poking....all the things I hate because my teeth are so sensitive.  She also told me that I am doing great keeping my teeth so clean with having braces.  I was very happy to hear this.  I always cringe thinking the worst before my appointments, but I got good results from both my dentist and hygienist!! 

Next was time for my ortho appointment.  The asst I had this time hadn't seen me in awhile and she was excited to see how far along my teeth have come.  My ortho came in and she said she was going to be using a rectangular wire this time that was more flexible because my back molar was starting to kick back.  They had to recoil my bottom teeth, hopefully for the last time, to push the teeth apart.  Hopefully by my next appointment they will be apart enough to finally put the wire on that one tooth and bring it forward.  She also said that more than likely I will be starting on rubber-bands at my next appointment.  I wanted a pastel blue, but they didn't have any powerchains left in that color so I chose purple.  Not my favorite.  I think I may just stick to light pink, because so far its been my favorite.  Below are updated photos and showing how far my teeth have come from the very 1st day to now at 1 year!  It really has gone by fast!!  My next adjustment is scheduled on April 21st.
 Oooops I didnt take a front close up view 10 mths.....

Left photo 6 week progress gaps, middle photo 6 month gaps, right photo 1 year gaps

6th Month mark for my bottom braces!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

10th Month In Braces & 7th Adjustment

Sunday, January 18th, was my 10 month mark in braces.  Tuesday, January 20th was my 7th braces adjustment. 

At my adjustment, 1st they took an x-ray of my teeth.  Then the assistant took off my power chain and elastics.  She then put a wedge into my coil to reactivate it, because it still has a ways to open up before they can bring the tooth forward.  My Ortho came in to check everything.  She said that everything was going perfect.  She said this is due to me following all the rules, not eating the things I am not supposed to and keeping my braces clean.  So make sure you do all that, so your progress goes great as well!! ;)  Trust me it is very hard!! My husband and I went to the movies over the weekend and I wanted popcorn soooo bad!  But I got a soft pretzel and cheese instead.  Always keep in mind, as much as you crave and want those hard, crunchy or gummy foods they just aren’t worth jeopardizing the progress of your teeth! ;)  Once those braces are off you can go back to eating whatever you like.  Keep thinking that big beautiful smile in the end is so worth not eating your favorite foods for a year or 2 ;).

Because it’s going so great, she said that she doesn’t see me having to wear braces for another year, that I may be able to get them off by the end of this year.  Yahh!!!   She said that my roots look great, that they are really long and haven’t been affected by all the movement.  She also said that once we are able to bring the bottom tooth forward that I will start wearing the bands to finish fixing my bite and bring my back molar straight up since it is leaning due to a missing molar beside it.  That way if I decide to have a tooth implant it will fit in there or my retainer will keep it upright.   She also explained to me that I will have to wear my retainer for the rest of my life due to my arch was so narrow and of course my teeth were turned so much, that if I don’t wear a retainer my arch will start going back to its original shape, which I do not want that to happen!  So I can handle a retainer for a beautiful straight smile!!

They kept the same wires on and just clipped the ends where the wires were poking my cheeks.   I chose a light pale pink this time since Valentine’s Day is next month.  The assistant put on my new powerchain and elastics.  They gave me more wax and I scheduled my appointment the same day my exam and cleaning is, March 10th.   My teeth aren’t as sensitive as they usually are after my adjustments.  Just my back molars are a little tender because they are moving to continue to close those gaps.  The gaps are getting smaller and smaller by the day.  I am still eating soft foods for the next few days just to ease the discomfort I may have when trying to chew.   Below are the updated photos.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

9th Month In Braces

December 18th was my 9th month mark in top braces.  I took photos on that day, but never got around to posting them.  Sorry, with the holidays and all, I just got too busy.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

My top teeth are continuing to move and close the gaps.  There is still a ways to go, but they are definitely closing.

In the photos below, they show my top teeth at 9 months and bottom teeth at 3 months.  My bottom teeth are getting straighter.  I cant really tell much difference on the space where the coil is though.  I  think they may need to put another coil there on my next appointment on Jan. 20th, because it doesn't seem to have opened up enough to bring that tooth forward.  But then again that's what happened with my top teeth too.

Not too many other changes than that.  Below are the updated photos taken on 12/18/2014.