How long I've had braces!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

10th Month In Braces & 7th Adjustment

Sunday, January 18th, was my 10 month mark in braces.  Tuesday, January 20th was my 7th braces adjustment. 

At my adjustment, 1st they took an x-ray of my teeth.  Then the assistant took off my power chain and elastics.  She then put a wedge into my coil to reactivate it, because it still has a ways to open up before they can bring the tooth forward.  My Ortho came in to check everything.  She said that everything was going perfect.  She said this is due to me following all the rules, not eating the things I am not supposed to and keeping my braces clean.  So make sure you do all that, so your progress goes great as well!! ;)  Trust me it is very hard!! My husband and I went to the movies over the weekend and I wanted popcorn soooo bad!  But I got a soft pretzel and cheese instead.  Always keep in mind, as much as you crave and want those hard, crunchy or gummy foods they just aren’t worth jeopardizing the progress of your teeth! ;)  Once those braces are off you can go back to eating whatever you like.  Keep thinking that big beautiful smile in the end is so worth not eating your favorite foods for a year or 2 ;).

Because it’s going so great, she said that she doesn’t see me having to wear braces for another year, that I may be able to get them off by the end of this year.  Yahh!!!   She said that my roots look great, that they are really long and haven’t been affected by all the movement.  She also said that once we are able to bring the bottom tooth forward that I will start wearing the bands to finish fixing my bite and bring my back molar straight up since it is leaning due to a missing molar beside it.  That way if I decide to have a tooth implant it will fit in there or my retainer will keep it upright.   She also explained to me that I will have to wear my retainer for the rest of my life due to my arch was so narrow and of course my teeth were turned so much, that if I don’t wear a retainer my arch will start going back to its original shape, which I do not want that to happen!  So I can handle a retainer for a beautiful straight smile!!

They kept the same wires on and just clipped the ends where the wires were poking my cheeks.   I chose a light pale pink this time since Valentine’s Day is next month.  The assistant put on my new powerchain and elastics.  They gave me more wax and I scheduled my appointment the same day my exam and cleaning is, March 10th.   My teeth aren’t as sensitive as they usually are after my adjustments.  Just my back molars are a little tender because they are moving to continue to close those gaps.  The gaps are getting smaller and smaller by the day.  I am still eating soft foods for the next few days just to ease the discomfort I may have when trying to chew.   Below are the updated photos.