How long I've had braces!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

7th Months with Braces & 5th Adjustment!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 -October 18th was my 7th month mark in braces.  Today I had my 5th adjustment appointment. The assistant took off my elastic bands and then my Ortho came in to take a look.  She was very pleased at how much my snaggle tooth came down.  Which I am too!!  She also was pleased at the movement my bottom teeth have made.  She decided on a thicker wire for my top teeth and a full powerchain to start working on my arch and close the gaps.  She kept the same wire on my bottom braces.  She wants my bottom teeth to straighten out more before she puts a coil between the two teeth to move the back one forward.  She said we should be able to do that on my next appointment.  She said with this powerchain going all the way across, my top teeth are probably going to get pretty sore and that I should take Advil if needed.  So far I have done pretty good after my appointments to not take anything.  I'm not big on taking medicine, so I have to be in a lot of discomfort for me to actually take something for pain.  The assistant put on the new wire on my top braces and then put on the powerchain.  She then put on the elastic bands on my lower braces.  It was a little uncomfortable, but tolerable when she did all this.  I chose a bright lime green for the top and purple for the bottom.  Not too sure if I really like the green, but I have to wear the color for 6 weeks, so I better get used to seeing it.  I am so happy with all my progress so far.  I still cant believe how much my snaggle tooth came down.  I cannot wait until the gaps are closed and I have a full straight smile!!  But for now I am very pleased at how far my teeth have come.  I definitely smile a lot more now without using my hand to hide.  In my photos below I tried to show how much progress was made just from my last adjustment.  You can see the difference of how the wire had to angle up on my snaggle tooth then down and now it is straight across.  Crazy!!  I cannot wait to see how much it changes next time.  My next adjustment is in 6 weeks, December 2nd.