How long I've had braces!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

6th Month Mark for Top Braces!

Saturday, September 20, 2014 - As of September 18th it has now been 6 months since I've had my top braces on!!  Those 6 months have gone by pretty fast!!

On Tuesday 9-16-14, I had to stop by the dental office to get my wire trimmed.  It was poking my cheek so bad I would have to wear wax on it at all times even while I ate.  Which I would end up eating the wax off in the process... yuck.  When I went back to get the wire cut one of the assistants came up to me asking me what the name of my blog was.  I was surprised she remembered I was the one with the blog.  I told her and she looked it up and found it.  She said the other day she was trying to find it to show someone.  That made me feel great that someone was using my blog to help someone else.  Makes it even more worth doing this blog! :)  Once they clipped my wire I felt like a new person!  Crazy how something so small like clipping a wire makes you feel sooooo much better.  No more eating wax for awhile ;).

The updated changes I have made in my 6 months of having braces:

I still cut everything up with a fork and knife that I eat.  Because of so much movement and the on and off soreness of my front teeth, I don't ever try to bite through food using my front teeth.  Since I got the bottom braces on it seems to be a little more difficult to chew.  I tend to bite the inside of my cheeks as I am trying to eat my food.  Not sure if its just my mouth trying to get used to all the braces on the top and bottom now or the teeth moving and placing my bite in weird ways.  I still stay away from hard and sticky foods.  Now that I have bottom braces, food gets trapped all in my braces.  Still thankful for my water pik!!  I use that immediately after eating to get all the food out.  If I'm at work then I make sure to swish water around as much as possible to get all the food particles out.  Brushing alone does not do the trick.

Brushing & Flossing

Since my bottom braces were put on last month it takes even longer now to floss.  I have to use the floss threader for all my bottom teeth because they are so crooked and tight.   On my top teeth I have new gaps in places that used to be tight and I still have really tight places on the bottom teeth that make it difficult to floss.  But, I still manage to get the floss through!  I still do my same routine of brushing with my electric toothbrush, then using the small spiral brush to brush under the wires, then flossing using my threaders to help get under the wires and then using the water pik.  I also, still rinse my mouth in the mornings with ACT for braces and then Listerine at night.

I still tend to clench my teeth at night while sleeping.  When I wake up my teeth will feel a little sore.  Also, since I got the bottom braces, I end of clenching my teeth on the inside of my cheeks and wake up with those sore as well. 

Movement of teeth

My top teeth are moving along.  I have a long ways to go, but so far there has been drastic changes!  For one, my front tooth that was turned almost sideways has completely turned in the right direction.  My "snaggle tooth" is already working it's way down which that tooth has only been in a wire for a week and a half.  I have gaps going on right now because of all the movement going on, but I am so happy to be seeing progress.  I haven't noticed much change in my bottom teeth.  But they are very tight and crooked and it's only been a little over a week.  I'm sure on my next appointment they will do adjustments to help separate my teeth, so more movement can take place.

Peoples reactions of me having braces

I still get positive reactions from people.  I haven't had any negative comments or looks from anyone.  I have great support from friends and family.  Since I started this blog I've had people tell me how much its helped them.  I love seeing how many people have viewed the blog, because it shows me that I may be helping others through their journey or the decision on getting adult braces.

Below are photos showing the changes in the last 6 months:

left photo (6 weeks) right photo (6 months) Upper arch comparison