How long I've had braces!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

3rd Month Update with Braces

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It has now been 3 months since I got braces.  I'm getting pretty used to them and sometimes I forget I even have them.  Since my last adjustment I really can't tell much of a difference.  Probably because they are focusing on trying to close my extraction gaps.  Which seems like its going to be a very long & slow process.  Only way I do know that my teeth have been moving is that the wires are now poking the back of my cheeks.  I had to buy more wax, because I constantly put it on those last brackets with the wire poking on each side daily.  My Ortho told me at my last adjustment that in about 3 weeks I may want to come in to get them cut. This is now my forth week, but I think I can handle it with the wax for now.  If it gets worse before my next appointment on July 1st then I think I might make a trip there to get them cut.
I still eat everything with a fork and knife. I went to the movies this past weekend and was soooo tempted to eat popcorn.  But I envisioned the pieces getting stuck in between my bands and I knew it would not be worth it, so I did without.  Good thing because when we got home my husband was complaining he had a piece stuck in between his teeth having a hard time getting it out, reminding me I made the right choice.
I finally got a technique down to floss in between my bands on my back molars without the floss shredding.  I also found ACT mouth rinse for braces!!  Awesome!   I usually use Listerine at night and the ACT in the mornings.  I like to still use Listerine because it fights gingivitis and that is definitely something I want to avoid with braces or ever.
I am posting updated photos below.  Like I said there isn't much of a difference that I can really see but it's hard to tell in the extraction gap areas.
My next adjustment is July 1st, I will update again then.
Front view - 3 Months
Left side view - 3 Months
Left side view - 3 Months

Progress photos Day 1 to 3 Months

Extraction Gap 1 month progress photos