How long I've had braces!

Monday, May 19, 2014

2nd Month Update With Braces

Monday, April 19, 2014

It's now been 2 months since I got braces.  I am getting a lot more used to eating and my brushing/flossing routine than before, although after tomorrow it is going to change some.  During these 1st 2 months Ive only had the wire going across the front six teeth due to getting extractions and spacers.  So brushing and flossing my teeth have only been a challenge on those teeth.  After tomorrow I will not only have the brackets and a thicker wire going across all my top teeth, I will also have bands put in and power chains to close the extraction areas.  I am sure this is going to be painful and make it more difficult to eat and brush/floss my teeth than before.  But I am sure I will get used to it and I have to keep remembering it will all be worth it in the end.  I am posting my 2 month photos below.  Sorry for the not so pretty teeth pics, but they are a work in progress.  I can really see that my one front tooth that was turned almost sideways has straightened out quite a bit. You can also see a small space between my front two teeth.   I cant wait until my "snaggle" tooth finally gets a wire on it and can start coming down into place.  Not sure when that will take place though.  My appointment is tomorrow at 2:00pm.  I will post pics showing the difference before my appointment to after.  This way I can show you exactly what they did differently.

Front View - 2 Months

Left Side View - 2 Months

Right Side View - 2 Months

Progress photos Day 1 to 2 Months