How long I've had braces!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

1st Adjustment

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - Today was my 1st adjustment appointment. The assistant took off my elastics and wire which was a lot of pressure but not painful, just uncomfortable.  The orthodontist looked over my teeth. I let the orthodontist know that my bracket popped off my crown the very next day after my braces were put on.  She took a look and decided I needed to get spacers put in for bands.    The assistant put the rubber spacers between both sides of my crown molar and also on the other side of my mouth between the last 2 molars. Holy moly ouchhhh!!  My teeth next to my crown molar were so tight she had to use floss to help her get the spacers in between and boy was that painful! The orthodontist said that my teeth were very clean and for me to keep up the great work.  She said that I will need to take Motrin and rinse with salt water to help with the discomfort.  I was also told to make sure to not take the spacers out, but if they fell out a couple days before my next appointment that it's ok.  They made an appointment for me in 2 weeks on Tuesday, May 20th to get the spacers taken out and the bands put on.  She said at that time they will put on a thicker wire and put on power chains to start closing the gaps.  They put the wire back on the same front teeth I previously had them on and I picked out dark hot pink elastics.  It's been about 5 hours since my appointment and my teeth are throbbing from the spacers.  After doing my usual brushing routine I rinsed my mouth out with salt water and took some ibuprofen.  Hoping it wont bother me too much when I go to sleep.  Please excuse the not so attractive picture below, but I wanted to actually show you what was done today.  Pictures seem to help me get a better understanding when I am looking through others blogs regarding braces. ;)