How long I've had braces!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Last Braces Adjustment & Impressions for Retainer!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 - Today I went for my final adjustment before my braces come off!  My appointment was at noon, so I got to get out of work early, which is always a plus ;).  The assistant first asked if I wanted a color for my retainer.  I picked a red glitter because it looked pink, and I like sparkly! ;)  I will be getting the Hawley type retainer. 

My Ortho came in to take a look at my progress and see if I had any questions or concerns.  I let my Ortho know that the one concern I had was that I still had a small gap towards the top between my two front top teeth.  She had shaved a little in between my teeth during my last appointment to try to close that gap.  It closed it a little since then, but there was still a dark space that bothered me.  She went ahead and filed a little more between my teeth, but let me know I may still have a slight gap at the top due to how my teeth are shaped. 

The assistant took off my powerchains and wires.  She then did the impressions for my lower teeth.  It was the gooey stuff in a tray that she squished down on my lower teeth.  She held it there for a minute or so.  Ugghhh but when she went to pull it out, it felt like she was pulling out my teeth.  The suction from it and trying to get it off around my brackets made it feel that way.  But it was tolerable.  She then did my top teeth.  Those didn't seem to feel as bad when she removed it.  After she was done she gave me a toothbrush to brush the excess goo off my teeth and rinse my mouth. 

My Ortho was very happy with how my bite looks.  She said to continue wearing my bands only at night.  The assistant put my wires back in and powerchains on.  I chose my usual color light pink. 
Crazy to know this was the last time I get to chose what color powerchains I wanted.  My next appointment is January 26th and that is the big day to get my braces removed.  I have mixed feelings.  I really think I'm going to miss the look of braces on me, but excited I finally can smile with them off and eat normal foods again.  I'm also nervous about them getting removed because my teeth are so sensitive and can be painful when I get teeth cleanings.  Not looking forward to them removing the brackets and scraping the glue off ughhhh.  But it will be all worth it in the end. 

Once I got home, I noticed that one of my bottom teeth moved slightly behind another.  Which it wasn't that way before.  I called and talked to the assistant.  She told me to wait a few days and if it doesn't change then to come in next Tuesday and there will still be time to make any adjustments needed.

Below are a few photos from me getting the impressions done.  I also set an appointment for January 27th to get my front tooth bonded where it looks like my tooth is chipped.  Can't wait for all of it to be done.  Next time I post on here I should be posting pics of my teeth without braces!!  3 weeks from today!  Woo Hoo!!!

Bottom Impressions getting done

Top Impressions getting done

Tooth needing bonded once braces are off

Tooth that has moved since appointment....may need adjusted